Our Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions help you transform into a dynamic enterprise through actionable intelligence. From consulting, articulation and development, to deployment and support, Fabergent can architect and implement data warehouses and BI systems, employing solution accelerators, process frameworks and jumpstart analytical kits, for any part of your business process.

We collaborate with our customers at every step to answer the unasked questions. Our expertise in domain, technology and execution, empowers us to transform insights into foresights. And, our experience in cloud, big data, and mobility allows our customers to take advantage of new technologies.

Business Intelligence

Enterprises need accurate, up-to-date information to deduce insights. This requires the finest level of Business Intelligence that manages real time data and turns it into context-rich information.

Fabergent’s Business Intelligence (BI) solutions help customers develop custom designed platforms at the enterprise and business function level. These help define KPIs to efficiently evaluate various business processes. The KPIs are aligned with overall strategic objectives to create a structured enterprise scorecard which enables managers to make informed and timely decisions.


Successful enterprises utilize data and employ scientific tools to make decisions. Advanced analytics is the latest weapon in their armory to improve decision making, marketing effectiveness, and operational efficiency. It also helps understand, predict and influence consumer behavior.

Fabergent’s analytics solutions bring domain, tool, and statistical expertise all under one roof. We are the pioneers in analytics-on-demand and hosted analytics models and offer services across business functions and industries. Our customers benefit from integrated and scientific decision making that comes through our expertise in advanced data visualization, pattern mining and application of advanced quantitative techniques on enterprise and third-party data.