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IT Services

        IT industry is growing on high speeds with new technology solutions and processes marking their foray every now and then.

In this openly-competitive environment, gaining a competitive edge has become critical and keeping the business running is the need of the hour.

So, everything can’t be self-made or self-managed as the focus is more on innovation and speed of delivery.

This is where the concept of Managed Services emerged, as third-party support to IT firms striving to keep their business run uninterrupted.

Defining Managed IT Services


                  Managed Services or Managed IT Services refers to the services offered by a third-party i.e., IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), who addresses some or all sorts of IT requirements. Managed services can happen on-demand, short term or on a contractual basis for a long-term duration.


                 In other words, this can also be explained as the process of outsourcing a range of IT needs including infrastructure, applications, security and maintenance, among others to a third-party provider.

IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

In a broader perspective, IT MSPs can be categorized into:

Low Level MSPs

Offer basic IT services such as alerting, monitoring, process continuity, with little focus on IT business side and planning.

Beyond process continuity, disaster recovery and maintenance to enhancing scalability and further are part of this offering.

Medium Level MSPs

High Level MSPs

Offer a full set of managed services at their own facility, as a combination of both high-level and lower-level services.

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